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We are a company with experience in the search for integral solutions.

Veyron describes the concept of how a company's investments should be made to develop operational efficiency.


Whenever money is invested or an effort is made to improve operations without assessing the impact it has at the strategic level, there is a conflict between the management layer and the operational users. These conflicts stop the natural flow of change processes or technological investment projects that the company is carrying out. That's why many projects fail.


Veyron has a long experience in connecting the two worlds, the one of the plans and visions and the operative processes that implement them. Making the change happen.



years of experience in the Mexican market, working shoulder to shoulder with national companies.

Our solutions by type of technology allow us to offer a set of programs to reinforce the strategies or operations of companies that have the need to solve specific operational problems.

Each of our solutions allow us to control the processes of the company from end to end, that is, they can solve problems from logistic, operative, productive processes to integration with administration and accounting.

For companies that have limited ERP programs or that can not control all their processes, we can integrate them with our solutions to reinforce them, solving their problems without replacing their systems.

Offering specific solutions for each business, facilitates the implementation and investment of your company. So that we can scale as the company needs it.

In Veyron we are aware of the needs of combining specialized solutions for the industry with the budgets to acquire them, that is why we offer the best specialized solutions implementing them quickly and at a low cost with our PMI.MX methodology.