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User Experience

Just choose from the warehouse operations library to set up your mobile solution and decide which way you want to work.


To learn more about market views and attitudes towards usability and flexibility in ERP software, we recently commissioned IDC to conduct a global survey on the subject.

The survey revealed that less than a third of companies find their ERP systems intuitive and easy to use. Almost half of the companies surveyed believe that the issue of agility affects their ERP software negatively.


USE YOUR EXPERIENCE: We are proud to offer an attractive user interface, which is intuitive and can be easily configured to match the level of competence of its users.

AN ERP FOR ALL: We offer add-ons to many popular tools (such as Excel and Primavera) so that users can work in their preferred environment without losing the advantages of an integrated business application.

COLLABORATION IN CONTEXT: By putting collaboration capabilities in context, we can optimize the way we work together.


To really evaluate the impact that a business solution can make or the performance of your company's organization, you need to see it in action. To assess its potential, it is necessary to know up close and personal with the functionality, which could make a difference in the final balance.

To give you an example of what IFS Applications brings to the table, we've compiled a series of demo videos that show how user-friendliness combines with innovative ideas to create an ERP solution that delivers unrivaled performance.


Even those who are not ERP users are able to access the information without having to work on the application. You can search, review and copy the information in IFS Applications without leaving the application that is being worked on.

  • Have mobility tools to control field services or mobile technical support.

  • Generate projects that allow us to coordinate various activities or human resources, materials, etc. in a controlled and measured way.

  • Have a Call-Center for the attention and channeling of support calls or case reports.

  • Identify the installed base and control part numbers, series to control own and third party guarantees.

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