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Store Automation

Excellent client service.

The physical street store is now matched by sales points based on the sales network, operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - 365 days a year, they just never close. Both are of strategic importance and absolutely essential to your success - and where the IFS Retail Solution for In-store Automation excel.

Tactile Points of Sale

IFS Retail allows you to integrate your systems for point of sale (POS) management with your ERP, providing you with access to sales information, returns and other key aspects of your business, in real time. In addition, allow message-based communication with your back office to deal immediately with any problem that may arise. It can also support self-scanning and payment alternatives at the point of sale.

Cross-Channel functionality

IFS Retail helps you improve transparency and coordination among your sales channels. Whichever outlet you choose, either in-store or in one click, your customers get a uniform view of your offer, being able to compare products and prices and get the best one. This results in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Drive sales and increase efficiency

Retail Retail automation solution gives you more than just transparency, important though it may be. It also helps boost sales and improve the efficiency of a number of areas in your store.

For example, we offer a standard solution to track the purchase patterns of your customers so you can run specific campaigns aimed at your most important customers. The retention of customer loyalty is critical considering the fiercely competitive nature of retail.

You can also use the automation solution in the store to get up-to-the-minute customers information about promotions or availability through digital signage.

Integrated with its back office system, it automatically changes the content as inventory levels change. You can adapt the screen according to the time of day or the type of customer in the store. It also makes resources and staffing easier by providing mobile solutions for time and attendance reports.

Budgetand forecasting