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Spare Parts Management

Centralized the entire inventory and logistics operation.

This is exactly what our spare parts and software services logistics can do for your business in the prod. You will have all the functionality and capabilities necessary to centrally manage the entire inventory and logistics operation.

The Inventory represents an essential, but costly component for service operations. In order to achieve optimal performance while keeping costs low, organizations must carefully balance the levels of stocks, locations, parts and service levels and much more. IFS service management field provides you with 100% visibility in your inventory levels of spare parts and field offices, including multi-bin maintenance values and the serial number of traceability. So that you can effectively increase turns and reduce obsolescence.


You will also have full access to:

  • Shipping costs

  • Reception expenses

  • Inventory

  • Logistics

  • Parts costs

  • Demand on the ground

Main Characteristics

  • Replenishment based on standards, management of parts and logical cost

  • Manual activities such as selection, package, ship, receive and save

  • Check inventory by site, region, part, status, use, product line and equipment

  • Calculate stock levels based on historical usage and estimate new part min / max

  • Inventory frozen forward during physical counts and the cycle without any downtime

  • Set up stock locations with static or dynamic bin functionality

  • Reduce administration by having the right part in the right place at the right time

Main benefits

  • Get full control of your spare and logistics operation as a whole

  • Improve the accuracy of parts and logistics management

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Minimize capital expenditures

  • Improve the customer experience and, therefore, customer satisfaction

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