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Reverse Logistics

Optimize inventory and logistics
Reverse or reverse logistics guides the flow of products and materials from the point of consumption (customers) to the point of origin (manufacturers and suppliers). Look closely at our Reverse Logistics Solutions ...

Repair service

Performance and more benefits from your service, management, accurate and all key reverse logistics business processes.

Returns Management

Improve your reverse logistics business by optimizing key functions, such as return materials authorizations, enrollment, receipt, repair, packaging, shipping and billing.

Management of Parts

Centralized management of your level, places, spares and service levels to streamline all your inventory and logistics operations

Guarantee Management

Optimize your claims management process by administering, processing and monitoring all guarantees throughout their life cycle


  • Improve the performance of services.

  • Optimize inventory and logistics.

  • Increase the business benefits of repair.

  • Automate reverse logistics.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Decrease inventory costs.

  • Compliance with environmental legislation.


  • Compliance with environmental legislation.

  • Economic benefits: decrease in production costs, savings in purchase of raw materials, etc.

  • Recovery of raw materials difficult to obtain.

  • Customer service and guarantees.

  • Social responsability.

  • Competitive advantage.


  • In raw materials: it must be feasible to recover them and reprocess them.

  • In the design of its products: not only requires easy processing and assembly, but also ease of disassembly (design for disassembly).

  • The processes of planning and processing: must allow the combination of virgin raw material with recyclable material.

  • The production schedule: must handle the high degree of variability of the products and their different factors: quantity, availability, supply opportunity, etc.

  • In the handling of inventories: in addition to the previous problems, due to the high possibility of deterioration or obsolescence due to the time and storage conditions.

  • In the market: new opportunities and niches (green markets).


  • For our concept of traceability: the trace by which a control and revision system is maintained, not only of the processes, but also of the distribution and monitoring in the sales rooms. Making our system collect in seconds all the information of the products or parts.

  • Controlling the key elements: information management, demand management and inventory management. Controlling the process of liquidations and repairs for claims must be aligned so that as far as possible there is no reverse logistics.

  • Logistics has become an indispensable tool for companies to be efficient, profitable and competitive within the demands of today's increasingly green market where some regulations require producers to be responsible for the reverse logistics of their products. post-consumption (lubricating oil, fluorescent lamps, cellular batteries, among other products), in accordance with what is expressed in legislation (regulations).

  • With our Services modules (Field Services,) control of guarantees, control of parts, control of the ecological footprint, risk management, document management acting in an ecosystem that allows you to have everything controlled in a simple way.

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