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The joint venture between IFS and Centric has resulted in IFS Retail, an end2end solution for the retail and distribution sector, from assortment planning, purchasing and sourcing, to storage solutions. It also supports data management, automatic replenishment of merchandise, campaign management, forecasts and human resources.

Back-Office ERP

Moving a large volume quickly in the retail environment and equally fast in the ERP helps keep stock flows and financial management under control.

Supply Chain

IFS Retail eliminates the difficulties in the supply chain and logistics, both in its own warehouses or distribution centers and if it has outsourced logistics.

Store automation

Your store can be equipped with web-based outlets, in operation all day, all year round, it simply never closes. Both are strategically important and absolutely critical to your success.

Planned Assortment

The success comes from the knowledge provided by the ranges, sizes, colors, styles and mixes demanded in their stores and the management of the purchasing process by receiving and distributing them to the stores.