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Projects and Contracts

Each project is unique for different reasons? Does not have the ability to learn from the information obtained? Still living in several worlds: financial control, procurement, project execution, etc? .


Take a look at IFS Applications and discover what a fully integrated project management solution can do for you. It is agile, so it grows with you as you expand geographically or in business terms, it is based on international standards and reduces risk and guesswork in all projects. So stop looking back and start looking forward to profitable projects, more fluid deliveries and more satisfied customers. What companies can benefit them? If you are a company that has to control: personnel, tasks, times, material amounts purchases, contracts, subcontracts, expenses you need IFS.

With IFS you can manage from simple projects to complex projects for example; Engineering and design projects, construction projects, installation projects, service company projects, technological projects, oil industry projects etc. If you want to know more, get in touch with a professional, we can help you.


You wonder how an ERP vendor can make their projects more efficient and profitable? Is our experience of more than 20 years in the sector? Our agile software? Our roots in the industry? The answer is simple: Integration.

IFS offers a management solution for the entire life cycle of a project with a strong focus on finance, human resources and asset management in addition to the standard functionality you need to manage your projects. A single integrated solution provides you with real-time information at any stage of the project so that a planning that automatically updates when information is entered from any part of the system at any time during the project can react to deviations from planning. Therefore the follow-up is not to update, it is much more because with all the information of your application the finished projects can be converted into templates for future projects. This makes the quote and risk management much easier and avoids unpleasant surprises.

To find out how IFS Applications allows you to invest in the future instead of paying for the past, download more details. Or contact us directly. This is the way we want to do business.


Save time and costs thanks to material management controlled by projects that ensures that all equipment is purchased and / or built according to the project plan and not controlled by traditional MRP manufacturing processes. The management of contracting and sub-contracting, unlike the traditional approach using purchase orders, allows you to handle complex contracts and structured deliverables with specific rules for progress and billing.

Forecasting and project accounting allow you to manage cuts and forecasts regardless of financial periods. Project accounting also enables the monitoring of progress of each project and has automatic routines for profit recognition. The system ensures the flow of information and visibility throughout the entire organization and supports change management.
IFS Applications is all of the above and more. An agreement with IFS may be the most profitable contract you have ever signed.

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What companies can it benefit?

Companies that handle Industrial Projects, electrical, installation technical studies, soil engineering and exploitation of resources, real estate developers, construction companies, service companies, consulting, technology, among others.


  • Real-time view of general data and reports on the status of projects

  • Real-time execution control according to the international PMBOOK project management standard.

  • Control of subcontractors.

  • Integral management of maintenance processes, technical works, production orders, connected to one or several projects.

  • Comprehensive management of the purchasing process from the request to the reception of the material or service.

  • Web access to administrative staff, technicians, managers, clients and suppliers.

  • Allows control of project control indicators, project financial indicators and project accounting.

  • Automate time and material billing processes, and automatically create invoices through predetermined business rules to calculate costs.

  • It includes portal solutions that help increase collaboration through a versatile browser-based interface.

  • Control of contract conditions for the issuance of billing, advance reconciliation and a host of tools that operate in an integrated and simple to use.


  • Have a reliable tool to manage your projects in real time and efficiently.

  • Automate and optimize projects between areas, divisional departments and company locations.

  • It helps improve productivity and provide a global financial vision to project managers and managers.

  • It will have business reports and analyzes efficiently to obtain clearer knowledge of the business and can take advantage of them to avoid deviations.

  • You can count on an accurate forecast or real-time status reports on the use of resources, project costs or profitability of projects and / or individual clients.

  • They allow you to perform calculations more accurately, so you can meet your customers' requirements promptly and within budget.

  • It helps to manage personnel, projects and profitability.

  • Significantly reduces paperwork and data recapture

  • It encourages projects to be properly estimated, completed on time and the client's requirements are met.