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Construction and Contractors


With IFS we can have a contractor qualification and control system, developed to manage sustainable value chains. Through a process of control of delegated project operations.

Our subcontractors management tool allows us to connect the work carried out by the subcontractors with the project, integrating it into our project execution control and ensuring that this certificate is reported for the work contracted. We make the subcontractor part of the operation ecosystem not only by contracting it but by integrating it into the control and revision of the project in real time. So you do not pay an invoice, you pay a documented work, authorized and reviewed by your company. Automatically.

With IFS you can:

  • Have financial control of the advances, authorized certificates, payments, retentions, settlements automatically, simply and clearly.

  • Decrease risks

  • Model the behavior of contractors

  • Sort the value chain

  • Trace the good practices

  • Develop suppliers

  • Transparentar the assignment of contracts

  • Have financial control of progress, authorized certifications, payments

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