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Since 1980 we provide manufacturing solutions that cover the life cycle management of their products that help them grow and be profitable regardless of the changes they have faced to adapt to the needs of their market.


Can you imagine having a fluid communication throughout the supply chain with subsidiaries, suppliers, partners and customers, either in the same city or around the world? And to monitor their processes without geographical or departmental limits? Or detect and respond to changes in demand and achieve a balance between customer service and the cost of supply?

What would it be like to have a single integrated system for managing your manufacturing that includes quality, product development, material forecasting, CRM and having data available in real time, instantly and for all those who need it? What would happen if your ERP solution responded exactly to the needs of your industry, including recipe management, batch balance, batch tracking, multiple units of measure, and product / product life and expiration management?

Can you imagine an ERP vendor that guarantees that their regulatory compliance processes will always comply with the law and national and international requirements? That this same ERP is going to manage its ecological footprint in an integrated way? Well stop dreaming and take a look at IFS Applications.

Download detailed information, or contact us to explain clearly and transparently how to make your company more agile.


Long before "Lean" manufacturing became a fad in the 90s, we already helped our customers in this sector to be more efficient, more profitable and to be better prepared to face the challenges of their market. The pressure in terms of costs, quality, environmental regulations, the growing globalization, the bases of suppliers and customers, together with the need to communicate in a more efficient way, are challenges that are repeated again and again. The same happens with the constant need to be effective. Our ERP, IFS Applications makes your life easier and does not put limits on it.

Versatile tools for effective production planning and to generate status reports, for scheduling suppliers / customers via EDI, production without order and the ability to manage Kanban systems manually and electronically in a combined way to offer greater flexibility in planning and lower administrative costs.

Document management and integration with CAD are other very useful features, as well as the effective implementation process. For detailed information you can download our resource kit or contact us directly which is the way we like to work.

A business software for business resource planning (ERP), business asset management (EAM) or field service management are key to the rationalization of transactional processes. But not so good at providing visibility into trends in these transactions, which often forces companies to choose very expensive Business Intelligence (BI) tools with projects that include the use of third-party data stores.


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For more than a quarter of a century, companies dedicated to the discrete manufacturing of different sectors have become more efficient, agile and profitable manufacturers thanks to IFS Applications. We are experts in providing ERP solutions for manufacturing thanks to our customers. This proximity to them has allowed us to listen and learn from their needs and has made us feel so comfortable talking about Kanban systems or manufacturing without orders, like you.

Our software has been specially designed to help your company face the challenges of seasonality, demand planning and forecasts.

Also, whether your process is CTO, MTO, MTS, or a mixture of manufacturing modes. IFS offers solutions designed based on your needs. This results in a package of ERP applications, which offer you and your company a competitive advantage and to remain a leader in your sector. For this reason, IFS always wins when our potential customers include us in their list of solutions. preselected.

You can download detailed information or contact us to find out why IFS Applications is worth more than the money you will invest in it.


Why do manufacturers around the world, regardless of their size, from sectors as diverse as defense, oil and gas, high technology and heavy equipment manufacturers come to us to get project management solutions that are integrated into the ERP? The answer is simple, it's about integration.

IFS offers a complete project life cycle management solution with a strong focus on financial operations, HR, and Asset Management in addition to the standard functionality you need to execute projects.

A single integrated solution that provides information (feedback) in real time at any stage of the project so that it can act proactively against any deviation from the original plan, a plan that is updated automatically when adding information from anywhere and at any time of the project process. So tracking does not just mean catching up. It is much more, with all the information available in the applications, the projects already delivered become templates for successive jobs. This makes the estimation of costs and risks much easier and avoids unpleasant surprises.

You can download detailed information or contact us to find out how to manage the future, instead of spending time analyzing past mistakes.

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