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Management of Service Projects

Connect project management and task execution in the field

Project Managers who supervise service projects with clients, know how difficult it can be to manage a project simultaneously, as well as remote staff and assets in the field.

There is a constant need to juggle many related and interdependent tasks, a need for reliable and remote data capture; Real-time remote workflow approvals, and more. To manage all these moving parts at the same time, many service organizations rely on inefficient hand tools that place them at a considerable disadvantage in terms of efficiency, visibility and quality of operational service.


Our software connects the management of projects and the execution of the task in the field. Its task automation, remote communication and centralized project management capabilities help service organizations optimize field operations, increase productivity, and better serve customers.

Main Characteristics

  • Reliable when capturing field data remotely

  • The integration and centralized management of the needs of project resources, project management and demand services.

  • Build a project in Microsoft Project and import it into Service Management

  • IFS mobile.

  • Easily assign tasks to teams or engineers along with notifications

  • automatic and alerts.

  • Real-time "real-time" technical service record

  • Synchronize and export with Microsoft Project at any time

Main benefits

  • The increase in operational efficiency

  • Reduction of operating costs

  • The increase in the quality of the service

  • Improvement of data accuracy

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