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Maintenance of Assets and Services

The only ERP Able to control the services sold by the company, controlling the agenda of technicians, control tools, service sheets, worksheets, control of support calls. Costing from the order to obtain the utility by service, client, project, or contract. All that and much more IFS does



IFS Applications is a single integrated product that supports the management of 4 main processes; Services and Assets, Manufacturing, Projects, and Supply Chain. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of the industry and horizontal solutions such as finance, human resources, CRM, etc., it is a complete ERP solution for all your business needs.


IFS Applications provides an attractive, intuitive and efficient user experience, helping you find what you need to do your job. In such a way that you can spend less time managing your software and more time managing your business.


IFS Applications is built on the same principles used by successful manufacturers-the production and commissioning of components. Thanks to our service-oriented component architecture you can select only the components you need. And add new ones when it deems necessary.


Con IFS Applications puede mantenerse ágil, siempre listo para el cambio y la evolución sin poner en riesgo la solución implementada. Nuestra estrategia de construir para el cambio incluye un número de mejores prácticas, incluyendo la adopción de tecnologías estándar y productos reconocidos.


If your company is a service provider, you have reached the right place. Because you know the value of solutions that are easy to learn and use from the industry's capacity and knowledge and the ability to handle national and international change and growth. This is IFS in a few words. Now we could write pages about SLAs, contract management, field workforce optimization and geographic positioning solutions. We could also talk about our possibilities for mobile clients and the fact that thousands of users of major companies around the world use IFS Applications. But let's not talk about functionality at this point, because we would not be using your time efficiently. Instead, download the information kit we have prepared for you. Or contact us directly and let us know how we can help you.


We could create a website just for our world-class asset management solution and write about collaborative lifecycle management of assets from design and engineering to maintenance and finally decommissioning. We could detail our solutions for ALM, EAM, OEE, and describe precisely how you can improve the reliability of your assets, manage predictive maintenance strategies and reduce maintenance costs. And these are just some of our areas of expertise.

But that would be only part of the story. Our trajectory is equally important. IFS Applications has existed for over three decades and was born in the asset management sector. It was not only designed but it was largely for the industry. It has seen mergers and separations, deregulation, greater demand for assets and optimization of personnel and helped companies around the world to turn these challenges into opportunities to create Benefits. Download more detailed information. Or contact us directly to learn how IFS Applications can become the most profitable asset.


With our IFS tools It allows you to easily control the quality of service. But what do we mean by quality control ?:

-To control the agenda of the technical staff by skills, sector, branch, availability.

-To control the tools, materials, times and costs that the service takes.

-Subtract companies or people and supervise the execution of the services.Do we mention that within IFS all the financial control of the cost of the service, billing or expenses is generated and posted automatically? IFS Is the ERP Leader worldwide in verticals of services. Our experience in the sector allows us to generate radical changes to increase the competitiveness of your company.

Ask us how we do it


Have mobility tools to control field services or mobile technical support.

Generate projects that allow us to coordinate various activities or human resources, materials, etc. in a controlled and measured way.

Have a Call-Center for the attention and channeling of support calls or case reports.

Identify the installed base and control part numbers, series to control own and third party guarantees.


Are you looking for an application that can manage your performance-based logistics contracts or manage your fleet? Do you want to offer higher levels of availability? Do you need better planning and programming tools combined with cost control and progress to manage resources in all your areas? Do you need to increase the predictability of when your units can work again? If you are looking for a complete solution of Fleet Management, planning and execution of Heavy Maintenance, do not think more than IFS Applications. An industry leader, IFS Applications allows you to balance your requirements and operations against your maintenance needs. It all starts with a complete solution for configuration management, compliance with airworthiness standards and other legal and industrial requirements. Methodologies of best practices, such as the critical path in projects, increase their performance, which in turn translates into higher revenues. For more details on how to increase their efficiency, download more information. Or contact us directly and ask about our solution for fleet management.

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