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IFS Applications

IFS Applications the integrated ERP solution for the Agile company.

What is IFS?

Many people ask us what is IFS? Is it an ERP or are they specialized solutions for various industries? (of niche.)


Both things: IFS is an ERP that can be implemented little by little without the need for reconfigurations, its different components can operate independently between themselves and without the financial part, which allows them to function as specialized solutions for various industries. All this with the power of integration when it joins two or more components to work together, something new that IFS invented from its birth.

 Why say that IFS is the best ERP in the world?

Because there are companies specialized in technology analysis such as Gartner that places it as:


Cataloged by ARC Advidsory group as:

Best system for the aerospace and defense industry in EAM and FSM:



  • The Construction Award for the Best Project Life Cycle Management System in 2015. awarded by CONSTRUCTION COMPUTING AWARDS.


  • CER Award for the ERP system of the year for the service industry.

  • GED IFS client, Win the North American Progressive Manufacturer award.

  • National SOAT IT Award in Germany

  • and the most important for the satisfaction and transformation of our customers when integrating their operations with IFS.

Soluciones Horizontales

IFS is a global software company for industries where asset management, manufacturing, field service management, supply chain or projects are key areas of your business. More than 2100 companies in 60 countries rely on IFS Applications ™, a solution based on components that cover the life cycle of the product and the asset, and which can be configured as ERP, EAM, ERP for project management, service management in field, or the combination of all of them. IFS Applications has evolved since 1983 responding to the changing needs of customers and is developed based on agility, usability and a lower total cost of ownership for their target industries. IFS has 2800 employees around the world


In IFS, being global does not mean being distant. Through a solid knowledge of the sector, and thanks to the participation of customers in the development of our IFS Applications solution, we remain close to your reality and the changes that may occur. With our more than 20 technical support centers spread all over the world, you will always have us at your fingertips.

IFS Applications is an international product, available in more than 20 languages, and with a global organization dedicated to its implementation and development. More than 50 offices in the world and a powerful international network of services and technical support, make IFS a reliable and secure partner in global implementation projects.


IFS Applications

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Activos fijos
Contabilidad General
Autoservicio del Empleado
Seguriad e Higiene
Tiempo y asistencia
Gestión de Gastos
Gestión de Formación, gestión de formación
plan de carrera
Selecció y contratación, recursos humanos
Admnistración del Empleado , Recursos Humanos
Entrega de proyectos
Puesta en Marcha
Unidades Compatibles
Diseño de Activos
Gestión de cambio de ingeniería
Configuración PDM
Reporte de proyectos
Gestión de Riesgos
Presupuestos del proyecto y revisión
Gestión de proyectos
Gestión de subcontratación
Gestión de Contratos de Venta
Ingeniería bajo pedido
Ensamble bajo pedido
Fabricación contra proyecto
Fabricación por Lotes
Fabricación Repetiva
Ordenes de producción
Programación basada en restricción
Reporte de planta
Explorador de Escenarios
Componentes de Reparacions
Planificación de la demanda
Planificación Multi-sitio
Pedidos de Cliente
Gestión de alquileres
call center
Programas dinámicos
Servicio en campo
Gestión de Contratos de Servicio
configuración de ventas
Tienda web
Ventas y Servicio
Rendimiento global de equipos
Contratación B2B
Complex MRO
Gestión de la información de vehículos
Mantenimiento preventivo
Programación y asignación de recursos
órdenes de trabajo
activos lineales
portales personales
Movilidad y apps
Gestión de Eventos
Integración y gestión de datos
Soluciones Colaborativas
IFS Finanzas
IFS Recursos Humanos
IFS Ingeniería
IFS Fabricación
IFS Cadena de Suministro
IFS Ventas y Servicio
IFS Mantenimiento
IFS Facilitadores de Negocio