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Field and Maintenance Services

Optimize the right work at the right time

Engineers can access vital information as they are needed. On the site that can monitor the workload, fill in the expenses and work done, and continuously report the progress of the work.

Benefits for the user:
  • Clients benefit from a higher level of service.

  • You can centralize the information.

  • It offers a more professional image.

Benefits for the Business:
  • The ability to monitor the progress of each job and meet the conditions of service level agreements (SLA)

  • Reduces administration costs and improves the integrity of the data.

  • Faster access to key information for decision making based on reliable information

The Work Order mobile app on Android

By using the IFS Mobile Work Order application, technicians have access to critical information when and where they need it. It is a standard solution, built on the basis of best practices, which can be configured to manage work within a series of sectors specialized in services and maintenance. In addition, the solution allows users to avoid those networks that are not reliable or that are not available.

By simplifying service and maintenance in the field, management of work, communication delays and travel times are eliminated, which results in an improvement in productivity and customer relations.

Access to all the ERP functionality from the laptop

First thing in the morning we can open the laptop and get the routes for that day. We can also intuitively visualize documents, work instructions and progress reports to make everything easier. Through the productive user interface, a large screen and a keyboard, the service technician knows that you only have to click to get the information at any time. It is the opportunity to have the best of both worlds: the main process of the application has been designed to access and generate reports about the work so that it is intuitive and fast, but even so, if you wish you have access to unlimited information in the application of business.

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