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Execution of the Supply Chain

If you are responsible for the logistics of your company. IFS Supply Chain Execution eliminates the difficulty of logistics management, regardless of whether you have your own warehouses and distribution centers, or if you are using a third party logistics provider (3PL).

Pick to Voice, pick to light

With the pick to voice and pick to light functionality, the IFS Retail solution offers companies two different concepts of stock picking. Apart from speeding up the picking process, these methods eliminate paper lists and the errors associated with them.

Transportation Management

IFS Retail offers a solution for transport management that can be customized with its own parameters, improving efficiency and information. Easy to use, optimizes the capacity and utilization of resources and improves advanced planning and provides a better view of delivery times. Its functionality for import / export makes all your operations more efficient. IFS Retail incorporates a vehicle tracking solution with bidirectional communication.

Logistics with added value

As a means to complement and improve your storage capacity, transport and logistics, the IFS Retail solution adds value to logistics, allowing you to reduce your inventory of finished products. This offers you numerous packaging, assembly and labeling alternatives in order to improve your final balance.

Outsourced logistics (3PL)

IFS Retail easily integrates with any 3PL system on the market. With the SOA architecture, the integration between the IFS Retail solution and the 3PL software is perfect so that carrying out 3PL activities makes you feel part of your supply chain

Warehouse and Management of transportation solutions

IFS Applications is built using the same principles as successful manufacturers that produce and configure components. Thanks to the SOA architecture of our components you can choose those you need for your business. And add others according to your company or market require.

Gestión de Soluciones de transporte, almacén