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IFS Applications provides suppliers of equipment for the oil and gas sector with a standard and integrated solution for discrete manufacturing. Focusing on the entire life cycle of the project and the product, from design and manufacturing in mixed mode to after-sales support, IFS Applications manages all key processes in global companies.

From the concept to the after-sales support

Suppliers of the oil and gas sector want to reduce delivery times and boost innovation in products. IFS Applications supports all life cycles, from the development of the concept, through engineering, manufacturing, service and after-sales support. Product information is available to those who need it, at the time they need it.

Simultaneous engineering drives productivity

With comprehensive product data management, real-time bidirectional CAD integrations and integrated document management, IFS Applications is effectively compatible with engineering and design processes. Working in a single system, electrical, mechanical and structural engineers share information, regardless of the design tools that are being used. This encourages collaboration, eliminates bottlenecks in approval cycles by making all relevant information available to managers, and streamlines the review of documentation.

Real-time Project Monitoring

In IFS Applications, costs and revenues are budgeted, controlled and compared, not only in the general ledger, but also project by project. This guarantees real-time monitoring and tracking of costs incurred and actual costs, with a reliable forecast, both in detail and in general, based on the principles of perceived value, including the estimation until completion (ETC), the estimate in the finalization (EAC) and the S curve. The directors consult the project data and the future performance projections practically in real time, instead of receiving the data of the facts after they have already happened, together with the results of the budget, programming and specifications. IFS Applications helps you manage the future, it does not focus solely on the past.

Equipment Suppliers

IFS offers an integrated, standard solution for the discrete manufacturing of equipment and systems, including manufacturing in mixed mode. Suppliers of the oil and gas sector may need to manage both project-driven, engineering-on-demand (ETO) and product lines in parallel with other production modes, including on-demand configuration, on-demand manufacturing, on-demand assembly or repetitive.


IFS Applications supports on-demand engineering (ETO) processes with a unique project-oriented solution that includes integrated project planning and project data management, as well as project-based manufacturing and procurement, with planning project-based material as a supplement to material requirements planning (MRP).

The project management functionality covers all relevant related activities, including purchases, costs, production, documentation and shipping. In addition to this, integration with financial data immediately highlights performance issues, and allows managers to adapt as conditions change.

Comprehensive product data management and bidirectional integrations with CAD offer the only source of truth needed in supply chains in which participants specify any of the various CAD environments, including formats.

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