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Epci Contractors

IFS for EPCI contractors (engineering, procurement, construction and installation) offers a business solution for the efficient management of large engineering, installation or service contracts. Based on the projects and life cycle of the assets, from engineering and procurement to construction / manufacturing and installation, IFS Applications increases visibility and improves business performance.

Projects are the Engine of everything

For most contractors in the oil and gas sector, projects are the cornerstone of their business and being able to manage projects of various sizes and levels of complexity is often key to success. Given its impact on the entire value chain, project-based parameters should control and determine programming for engineering, procurement, documentation delivery, job definition and manufacturing. In addition, an effective flow of information between the different disciplines must be guaranteed. IFS Applications is a solution in which the project itself is the engine, which guarantees a high level of visibility and transparency throughout the company

Manage engineering and supply changes

The integration of engineering and procurement / manufacturing with other disciplines is always beneficial, but it is absolutely necessary for contractors in the oil and gas sector. IFS Applications includes a central repository for multidisciplinary engineering data, shared throughout the company, ensuring efficient and error-free data transfer from engineering to purchase, from manufacturing to installation and, in the event of design changes. last minute, from engineering to installation.

Manage Contracts

Business systems or traditional ERPs do not adequately address the complexities of sales and subcontracting, exposing an EPCI contractor to undue risk. With IFS Applications, by using the rules of progress and billing instead of the traditional approach of using purchase orders, users can manage complex contracts and products to be delivered unstructured. For example, subcontracts can do more than just track the items that have been received in inventory, they can also document complex agreements that define the scope of the services and the subsequent management of the performance of the same, ending with the finally in the application for the process of the payment process.

Real-time Project Monitoring

In IFS Applications, costs and revenues are budgeted, controlled and compared, not only in the general ledger, but also project by project. This guarantees the real-time monitoring of the costs incurred and the actual costs, with a reliable forecast, both in detail and in general, based on the principles of perceived value, including the estimation until completion (ETC), the estimate in the completion (EAC) and S-curve. Directors consult project data and future performance projections in near real-time, instead of receiving fact data after it has already happened, along with budget results, the programming and the specifications. IFS Applications helps you manage the future, it does not focus solely on the past.