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Construction and Contractors

Documentary Management

With IFS, control the engineering drawings, permits, licenses and manage to share any document at the moment.

Distribution of documents

A secure solution for your entire project. Distribute documents and models instantly within your company and with members of your external project teams.

Efficient and scalable


Manage millions of documents and models without any limitation of data or participants. Any number of files, of any size and of any type. Save up to 50% in document processing times.




With IFS, each organization receives a secure data repository. Only information shared explicitly will be available to other project members.

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Replace the manual process of sending transmissions with a digital process that accomplishes the task in a fraction of the time.

Simplified processes

Reduce the time and cost of printing by sharing files of any size. With a single glance at your indicator panel, you can see what has been delivered and what is still missing.

Recover lost time


Reduce by 90% the time needed to create a transmission and cut document loading times by 50%.

Management of plans

At any time and from anywhere: access correct and updated plans without having to search, wait or start working with the wrong designs.

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Mobile access

Project management happens both on site, when traveling or from the office. Aconex's construction application package gives your teams the ability to collaborate with each other while on the move.

Any device Anywhere.

You will have the portfolio of your project at your fingertips, either in the office or in the field. You can be productive from wherever you are.

You will always have the most updated version

You can be sure that your computers will always have the most up-to-date version on any iOS or Android device.

Version control

Make sure that everyone in the project can access, retrieve and manage the current version of all the information related to the project.

Always updated

Never make decisions based on outdated information, always work with the most up-to-date version.

There is no "delete" button

After the information is shared, it is protected by an unbreakable audit trail so it can not be lost or accidentally deleted. No more excuses!

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Packages and lots

Manage suppliers, tenders and contracts more efficiently, replacing paper with digital versions, automating processes and storing everything in one place.

Simplifique y estandarice 

Organícese utilizando un formato homogéneo de paquetes en todas las disciplinas, oficios y socios del proyecto para un procesamiento eficaz.

Real-time status

Generate status reports in real time to have a complete view "of what happens on the court" at any time.

Interface management

Identify, define, manage and complete complex interfaces for oil and gas projects. Ensure compatibility with subsystems and coordinate specialized contractors throughout your project portfolio.

Supervision of each interface

Standardize processes and effectively manage data and interface communications, in real time and on a single platform.

Designed for international teams

Control interfacing processes between different organizations and geographic areas. Used by nine of the ten most successful international companies in Engineering, Acquisition and Construction (EPCs) in the largest oil and gas projects that exist.

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Meeting minutes

Organize and manage all the documents of your meetings and tasks to be done from a central location, with full visibility for all project participants.

Get organized

Manage meetings in all your projects, including the distribution of programs and minutes, as well as the assignment and follow-up of pending actions.


A permanent record

After the minutes are shared, an unwavering audit trail ensures that they are permanently registered. Nothing can be lost or deleted.