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Customer Relationship Management


The result is: significant improvements in customer service
We are the most experienced and successful optimization services software company in the world, and our goal is to help companies like yours by automating and streamlining your service processes.


IFS Applications is a single integrated product that supports the management of 4 main processes; Services and Assets, Manufacturing, Projects, and Supply Chain. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of the industry and horizontal solutions such as finance, human resources, CRM, etc., it is a complete ERP solution for all your business needs.


IFS Applications is an attractive and intuitive solution for the user, which helps you find everything you need to do your job. Thus, you can spend less time managing your software and more time managing your business.


IFS Applications is built on the same principles used by successful manufacturers-the production and commissioning of components. Thanks to our service-oriented component architecture you can select only the components you need. And add new ones when it deems necessary.


With IFS Applications you can stay agile, always ready for change and evolution without putting the implemented solution at risk. Our strategy to build for change includes a number of best practices, including the adoption of standard technologies and recognized products.

When CRM software is separated to manage the business, managing the lifecycle of sales and customers is difficult or impossible. And lifecycle management is very important since many companies today interact with the customer long after the sale was made, collaborating with them in engineering on demand (ETO), configure on demand (CTO) or service management processes. Increasingly, CRM must be extensible to support business resource planning functionalities such as engineering, manufacturing, procurement, finance and service management. Because the company CRM - or the strategic CRM - is an integral part of the ERP, it provides the client with complete information about the project, invoices, inventory, etc.

IFS CRM is not an independent product, but rather an integrated component of the IFS Applications Enterprise Suite. So anyone who interacts with a customer can get full access to each client's business data. Think about what that means for service management, sales management of customer projects.

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