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Construction and Contractors

Coordination of workflows

How to coordinate dozens of contractors, hundreds or thousands of people, endless activities, jobs, materials so that everything flows in a controlled manner?

How to control something that changes continuously?

With IFS we have tools where each progress, each work, each task, is compiled by the system to control the project. The user has a work board where he receives all the work he has to do, his tasks, he lets him know in which projects he is assigned.

 From directors, managers, residents, subcontractors to floor workers report in real time. It does not matter if there are no communications where the system can work without connection.

With tools such as graphs of workloads per employee or specialists, you can plan your operational capacity quickly and reliably.

Know not the biggest but the best product.

With IFS:

• Coordinate the workloads of your employees

• Explore the workloads

• Collect progress reports in real time

• Anticipate problems of delays in activities

• Anticipate problems of over costs in tasks or activities.

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