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Construction and Contractors

Control of Project Execution

IFS A tool that integrates the needs of projects with the purchase of materials and services allows you to anticipate the future and manage efficiency.

In how many hours can you have an executive report of the real progress of one of your projects? Materials consumed? Resources used? Pending tasks? Delayed work? Values for invoicing? Advance vs budget? Etc. If you do not have an answer for this or you have to spend days to obtain this information because you have to create it, consolidate makeup to present it in a consistent way, then do not control your projects just document them.

Dare to know the only ERP that knows about your industry for more than 30 years. Get to know the most advanced technology in the world now in Mexico.

Dare to see IFS and understand how your company can obtain a tool that gives you a real advantage in the construction market. Transform your company in the most agile, Simple of course not? But we are the specialists and we are the best.

Con IFS Proyectos

• Have a project tool according to the PMBOOK standard or SCRUM

• Professionalize your project area with a project office

• Get visibility of the entire project in real time

• Visualize the critical route and anticipate it

• Obtain a single data from the project and not segments of information by departments

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