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Contract management

Create, monitor and manage service contracts

The companies that manage customer contracts and service agreements lose millions of dollars each year through the loss of income, due to the use of paper documents, unstructured files (Excel, Word), and isolated systems.


The contract life cycle management functionality in the IFS software Service Management field allows you to create, execute, review, monitor and manage service contracts - from quotation and initial price, to automatic renewal and billing. IFS has more than 25 years of experience in contract lifecycle management, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers around the world who use this software today.

Main characteristics

  • Enforce response times, coverage schedules, callbacks, assignment, PM, and escalation rules

  • Modify prices with specific contract adjustments or replacements

  • Establishes advance billing rules, arrears, total or partial invoicing period

  • Establishes technical and compensation programming plans

  • Improves the visibility of the concession contract and the monitoring of

  • Manage details of the guarantee and identify possible sources of income

  • Create contracts to meet the specific needs of customers or the market

  • Manage contract line elements in the client, site, product or asset level

  • Additions of line items for apportionment, changes or cancellations

Main benefits

  • Detiene regalando servicio gratuito 

  • Genera más ingresos 

  • Mayor satisfacción del técnico 

  • Mayor satisfacción del cliente 

  • Mejora de la productividad de gestión de ciclo de vida del contrato y el rendimiento

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