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Contact Center Services

Solution based on an all-in-one Software

Automatically create and assign tasks to the team members on the right and can manage several days, multi-step, multi-resource complex projects using our powerful Board Agenda and Workflow Engine Service.

To truly optimize the service of your organization, it is necessary to streamline and automate customer service and support processes in your contact center. FIS Field Service Management offers the most complete contact center management suite available today. . We will quickly deploy IFS Contact Center services management field in your customer service operation to automate the following basic processes to get the most out of the service:

  • Call management

  • Routing based on priorities

  • Casification and problem solving

  • Parts management

  • Technical support climbing

  • Office schedule, for entry

  • Billing

Main characteristics

  • Unique view of the client, including history service, contacts and directions

  • Parts of intelligent search and requisition service based on flexible compliance logic

  • Escalations of technical support and alerts to customer triggers defined by the user (order status, SLA, DOA, product history, severity, etc.)

  • Sophisticated response time rules, prioritization and assignment

  • Universal queue service requests to capture a variety of customer needs

  • Solve problems collaboratively through the creation, delegation and monitoring of projects and tasks.

  • Streamline problem resolution through the functionality of embedded knowledge management

  • Interactive programming and real-time sending of resources

Main benefits

  • Solve problems more efficiently and effectively

  • Decrease average call handling times

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Get the right technician in the right place at the right time