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Cloud Service Software

IFS helps you achieve your specific business objectives and technical requirements, we offer our industry leading service management software, in both on-premises and software and service (SaaS) formats.

Cloud service software

Now, with IFS Field Service OnDemand you can enjoy all the features, functionality and field service management capability IFS offers without having to bear the cost, burden or risks associated with the implementation of software / hardware companies.

Sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large companies, IFS Field Service OnDemand automates all aspects of its service business, including customer service, programming, dispatch, spare parts, repair and reverse logistics . Licensed on a per-user basis, per month, IFS Field Service OnDemand becomes a variable expense, rather than a fixed cost at the time of purchase. This allows them to realize all the advantages of field service automation, without significantly affecting their budget or taking on the added risk.

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Main features
  • Low initial costs

  • Rapid implementation

  • Pay As You Go - Operate at established rates (per user per month)

  • Free of mantenimient

  • Easy to add new users

Main benefits
  • No need for software license or expensive hardware purchase

  • You are up and running in a matter of days and you start making an immediate ROI

  • No long-term commitments and their costs are easily projected

  • No technology to maintain

  • Solution can grow together with you and continue to meet your needs

Local service software

IFS Field Service Management offers a complete suite of on-premise applications to manage all your field service operations. Our innovative software automates and streamlines virtually all service processes in your organization, to improve customer service, reduce operating expenses and significantly increase revenue. IFS Field Service Management helps you with field service, service inventory, service contracts, warranty recovery, reverse logistics and more

  • Powerful

  • Scalable

  • insurance

  • Hosted by You (Hosted By You)

  • Configurable

Users will enjoy our navigation in one step and the easy use of learning the query tools. This helps managers and technicians to work quickly.

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Main features
  • With a single search click, navigation and customization

  • 100% Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for simple application integration.

  • Proven, rapid implementation model, so you can go-live in 3-6 months

  • Drag and drop Schedule of the card with dynamic color management

  • Web portals for customer self-service, technical and third-party access insurance

Main benefits
  • It receives successfully running users without substantial user training

  • Quickly and easily locate important information related to the service

  • Empower customers, technicians and third-party suppliers with easy-to-use self-service tools

  • Improve productivity of technicians with access to information in the field and automation tools