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Construction and Contractors

BIM collaboration

To capitalize on opportunities within the engineering, construction, infrastructure and project markets, organizations need to have systems with integrated processes, based on data, and be able to add value with BIM technology.


At IFS, we believe that a construction company that pursues digital transformation must have a software tool that accepts the design model and then integrates it into all other processes, including bidding, estimating, engineering, procurement and material management, subcontracting, management of the construction of the work package, use planning, installation and commissioning and quality through the delivery, operation and maintenance in progress.


As a result, decision makers can use the master data of the design model for each stage of the construction, from the design to the construction of the maintenance operations. When it is transformed digitally, a sector accustomed to the difficulties of having processes managed by numerous systems, it can do everything with just one, or at least with a smaller number.

With iFS: 

• Integrate the BIM of your CAD system with the generation of codes to link them with the BOM (bill Of Materials) or bill of materials.

• Automate and control the versions and changes of CAD with our PDM.