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Back-Office ERP

Adjusted margins need optimal management. A fast-moving, high-volume retail environment relies on equally rapid back-office support to keep the stock flowing and financial management under control. That's where IFS Applications ERP comes in with its core components that have been specifically improved to drive retail operations.

Check finances at any time

With IFS Applications you access your financial data whenever you want because all the transactions generated by your business are immediately visible in your financial systems. This facilitates decision making and makes strategic and tactical planning more efficient.

A product

IFS Applications is a unique and integrated product, designed in collaboration with leading companies in the retail industry. Our deep knowledge, combined with our finance, human resources and CRM solutions, makes IFS Aplications the ERP that responds to your needs now and in the future.

User Productivity

IFS Applications provides the user with an attractive, intuitive and efficient ERP solution that will respond to the needs of their work. This way they will be able to dedicate less time to their software and more to manage their business

Easy and transparent refills

IFS Applications allows you to manage replenishments by sales ratios, allowing you to include a wide range of factors in your forecasts to calculate min / max levels for each store or warehouse. You can also define replacement policies by category to cover more accurate volumes and reduce the manual entry of data. With all the information in an integrated solution, you get transparency and real-time data of all the processes.

Components based on SOA

IFS Applications is built using the same principles as successful manufacturers that produce and configure components. Thanks to the SOA architecture of our components you can choose those you need for your business. And add others according to your company or market require.

Built for Change

With IFS Applications you will be agile and ready for change and evolution without affecting the implemented solution.