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Assortment Planning

Decisions based on Real information

It makes it possible for you to intelligently determine the ranges, sizes, colors, styles and mixes that will be necessary for your stores for the next season, and conducts the acquisition process through the reception and distribution to stores

Top-Down, Botton-Up

IFS Retail allows you to move from uncertainty and opacity in the planning of your assortment through spreadsheets, to a solution that broadens your range of alternatives by balancing top-down and bottom-up options. IFS Retail helps you strengthen your strategic planning and be more accurate in sales forecasts.

Curves Management

IFS Retail is the ideal tool for planning sizes and colors, and for allocation to individual stores or groups of stores. It also allows you to determine the initial assignments by season or campaign, as well as replenishments. As a result, planning and marketing can be aligned with financial objectives and product offerings to minimize sales and sales.

Optimizing even more

You can also more efficiently manage purchases and distribution by creating groups of merchandise packages with different sizes without losing control of individual SKUs. This reduces logistics costs, facilitates replenishments and speeds distribution to all delivery points in your supply chain.

Planning the Da Vinci assortment

IFS daVinci Surtido offers you the maximum flexibility to plan your assortments of strategy from conception to execution. You can plan at all levels - from using an individual store as a point of reference for all others to a business plan that spans stores.

A wide range of metrics ensures that you send merchandise (style, color and size) to the right stores, which represents sales volume groups and customer groupings. You can also view your store presentation ..

Use daVinci's IFS fixture Product assortment and transportation planning to ensure optimal initial presentation quantity and correct execution of subsequent shipments. In addition to improving the buyer's productivity, IFS daVinci Surtido integrates the purchase process with the rest of the information systems in the organization.

Financial objectives of the merchandise planning system are integrated into IFS daVinci dashboard Planning Assortment for immediate visibility access of the goal post. Detailed assortments by location are transmitted to the purchase and distribution to ensure maximum synergy and efficiency.

IFS daVinci Assortment improves the visibility of management in the assortment planning process, providing a coherent and integrated planning environment

Budget and forecasting