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Asset Management

Asset management is key in the oil and gas sector. An operator-owner or contractor who performs upgrades or extensions of the life cycle in the drilling rigs or production platforms faces strict quality requirements. An unjustified stop affects the final balance, and should be avoided. With IFS Applications, they have a solution to obtain higher service revenues.

Increase revenue from services and reduce downtime

IFS offers operators-owners and service contractors an integrated solution for this sector in order to achieve an efficient management of operations, maintenance and service requirements for both national and international environments.

An efficient management of service projects

To guarantee optimal cost and on-time delivery, service contracts are executed in the form of projects. In IFS for Projects, the activities are executed within a collaborative network and are the basis of the planning and programming of work elements, including the team and the mobilization of personnel. The configurable panels of planning of operations allow to carry out a visual monitoring and a follow-up of the progress, of the costs and changes in course. The project engineers only need a moment to see where they are.

International logistics capabilities reduce risk

The delivery of equipment and spare parts is key for service and maintenance companies, especially in international environments. IFS Applications manages material transfers, including the management of containers and freight forwarders, both for domestic and international deliveries. IFS Applications streamlines the transfer of materials, reduces shipping costs and the risk of downtime.

Field services and mobility solutions

IFS Applications combines planned maintenance with predictive maintenance strategies, maintenance based on conditions or based on events. Integration with GPS mobility solutions, including IFS touch applications, keeps all connected parties synchronized through the IFS mobile scheduling and optimization solution.

IFS Applications for OMS

IFS Applications for companies dedicated to Operations, Maintenance and Service (OMS) is a solution that includes project management, material management / logistics, maintenance planning, work / service order management, resource allocation, document management, financial data and performance measurement, as well as human resources.

IFS Applications unites customer and field service applications in such a way that they become a standalone solution integrated within existing business systems in the company or as part of a more complete implementation of IFS Applications.

The service management solution supports contracts, including service level agreements (SLAs), revaluation and pro-rata calculations. It includes team planning, skills management, time and attendance monitoring and workload analysis.

Mobility solutions include complete functions for generating work reports and creating work from the field. The integrated document management function allows for a secure collaboration with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. The right information is available to the right people at the right time, making decision-making easier and getting answers faster.

IFS Applications para OMS